1950 Table Model

Wavebands - MW, LW

Valves - 14S7, 12J7, 35L6GT, unknown rectifier

Date - 1950 ?

Status - Contributed photo

The exact model number of this set is unknown (can anyone identify it?). It is a short-superhet, believed to be made around 1950. Nigel Hughes restored it, and was unimpressed with the performance. Thanks to Nigel for the photo.

Nigel's repair is described in the Recent Repairs section.


Wavebands - SW, MW, MW Bandspread, LW

Transistors - AF115, AF117, AF117, AC127, OC81D, OC81, AC127

Date - 1965 or 1966

Status - In my collection

Another gift - this one is from my next-door neighbours. I think they received it as a wedding gift, and it has been in a cupboard for a number of years since it stopped working.

It describes itself as "Four Waveband" which is a bit optimistic for a three waveband plus bandspread set!

It pops when switched on, but doesn't receive anything. Probably an AF117 with the usual internal short-circuit. The handle and the tip of the aerial are missing, otherwise it's complete.

The transistor types listed above are from the service sheet. In my set, AC128s are fitted in place of the the OC81D and OC81.

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