Wavebands - LW, MW, 3 x SW

Valves - RF module - 6K7G, 6K8G
Valves - IF module - 6K7G, 6Q7G
Valves - Power module - 6V6G, 5Z4G

Date - 1946

Status - Contributed photo and description

Martyn provided the photo and the following description:

This is my all time favourite. The RAP models of 1946 have modular Chassis. They made 2 radio frequency modules, 1 intermediate frequency module and 2 power modules. The appropriate modules were bolted together to make the different models.

The 646 is a 6 valve, 3 short wave, medium wave and long wave set. The chassis is chrome plated and when polished looks impressive through the plate glass back. The large tuning knob has an epicyclic fine-tuning mechanism built into it, which works very well especially on the short wave bands.


Wavebands - MW, LW

Valves - 6A7, 78, 75, 42, 80

Date - unknown

Status - Contributed photo

Nigel Hughes provided the photo and the following description:

This radio as found had a 6V6 as output valve and a 5Z4 as rectifier. Valve bases had been changed, so I changed them back and found appropriate valves from the valve data sheets.

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