There are a few brands who where very popular and who produced a large range of sets, yet for some unknown reason I never seem to encounter them. I think I have only repaired one Pilot set (a "Blue Peter", which I remember very little about), yet I must have done dozens of Bush, Ferguson, Ekco and Philips models. Strange!

Pilot are of course most famous for their "Little Maestro" series of sets, but they made a lot more than that.

Little Maestro Model 10

Wavebands - MW, LW

Valves (AC Models) - 6K8, 6K7, 6Q7, 6V6, 6X5
Valves (AC/DC Models) - 12K8, 12K7, 12Q7, 35L6, 35Z6

Date - 1949

Status - Contributed photo

There were four different versions of the Model 10 Little Maestro, these being original and modified versions of both AC and AC/DC models. The original and modified versions used the same valve lineup, so the differences were probably relatively minor. As far as I can tell from a quick glance at the circuit diagrams, they primarily affected the biasing and AGC circuits. The AC and AC/DC versions, of course, used different valves.

Richard Newman describes the repair of his modified AC/DC model in the Recent Repairs section of this website. Thanks to Richard for the photo.


Wavebands - SW, MW, LW

Valves - 7S7, 7B7, 7C6, 7C5, 7Y4

Date - 1952

Status - Contributed photo

The photo and the following notes were supplied by Jon Evans:

An unusual looking set with a curved back. Of course, I only bought it because of its unusual shape, the fact that it was only a fiver was purely coincidental ;-)

Uses a frame aerial that is also forms part of the aerial input tuned circuit. Unusually, although the set uses a full wave rectifier (a 7Y4), both halves are wired in parallel, the set using half wave rectification.


Wavebands - unknown

Valves - unknown

Date - unknown

Status - Contributed photo

The photo was supplied by Con Martin.

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