Loewe Opta

42019 "Bella-Jubilar"

Wavebands - SW, MW, LW, VHF

Valves - ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, EL84, EM84, Met Rect

Date - Late 1960s ?

Status - In my collection

The repair and restoration of this set is detailed in the Recent Repairs section of this website.

082022 "Magnet AM"

Wavebands - SW1, SW2, MW

Transistors - unknown

Date - 1970s ?

Status - No longer in my collection

This set was bought at the Spring 2002 NVCF with a friend in mind, so in due course it was sent off to the States.

This has got to be taking the "long, low look" to extremes! The set is 510mm (20 inches) wide and just 120mm (4.75 inches) high.

For a German set it is quite badly constructed. There are a number of components sticking up from the board with mid-air joints to other components or leads. Lengths of wire trail all over the place, and there seems to be very little holding it all together. It all looks original so there must have been some last-minute modifications.

The fixing between the front of the chassis (if "chassis" is the right word for moulded white nylon) and the cabinet is broken, probably due to the pressure required to operate the waveband switches. The aluminium front trim is loose at the speaker end and one of the knobs is wrong. The mains lead has been replaced with a three-core type - this looks like a recent job.

The set has MW and two SW bands (13-31m and 41-90m). It works fairly well and doesn't sound too bad. It is certainly fairly sensitive on MW. The tone control is operated by pulling the volume knob - this could explain how the original knob became lost.

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