Wavebands - MW, LW

Transistors - AF117, AF117, AF117, OC71, OC81D, OC81, OC81

Date - 1968?

Status - In my collection

I can't remember how I came by this set - I think it may have been a gift. It is a seven-transistor model, however only six of them are mounted on the PCBs, the seventh (OC71) is on the tag-strip assembly with the components for the tone control switch. This switch has four settings - Speech, Jazz, Orchestra and Mellow.

The set runs from two PP7 batteries - since these are no longer readily available I will probably fit two holders to take six AA size batteries instead. I have not tested the set, but it appears to be complete.

The service data for the set is in the 1968-69 edition of Radio and Television Servicing.

Nomad De-Luxe

Wavebands - MW, LW

Transistors - unknown

Date - unknown

Status - Contributed photo

This photo was kindly provided by Pete Barker, who said:

Don't know much about it other than it's a lovey MW / LW radio. Runs of two 9v batteries. Has a high medium and low tone control, a dial light, a turntable underneath and a battery life / signal stregth meter just below the dial. It's built like a tank and sounds great.

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