Barker did not produce a vast range of receivers, and most of their output was sold through department stores or by mail order. The sets were generally good quality and excellent value for money. There appears to be a few variants, all bearing the same name!

A visitor to this page, Gerry Howe, said:-

I understood they were made by Cossor for Barker's of Kensington!

However, Chas E. Miller disagrees. He said:-

The chassis for these were not made by A.C.Cossor, but by a small "back street" concern in London with minimal overheads. American valves were used because they cost only a fraction of the price of UK types. The sets had a pair of 6F6Gs in Class A push-pull allegedly delivering 8W output to the loudspeaker. The same chassis are to be found in other "stores" receivers.

Barker 88 (Prewar Version)

Wavebands - SW, MW, LW

Valves - 6K8G, 6U7G, 6R7G, 6C5G, 6F6G, 6F6G, 5Z4G, 6G5 (Some sets differ)

Date - 1938

Status - Repaired two for customers

I have seen a few variants of this model, and from the Trader data sheet it appears that the circuit and valves varied depending on what was available at the time.

The set features a push-pull output stage, and gives good sound quality. The set cost just �6 19s 6d when it was released in 1938 - and is an example of how to save money on a design without cutting corners.

I have also seen a Barker 838 which was almost identical apart from a different tuning scale.

This picture was taken from Jonathan's Vintage Wireless Collection website.

Barker 88 (Postwar Version)

Wavebands - SW, MW, LW

Valves - 6K8, 6K7, 6Q7, 6J5, 6V6, 6V6, 6U5, 5Y3

Date - Mid 1940s ?

Status - Contributed photo

Thanks to Nigel Hughes for the picture. Full details of Nigel's restoration of this set is in the Recent Repairs section of this website.

Barker 88 (Alternative Postwar Version)

Wavebands - SW, MW, LW

Valves - Unknown, probably the same as above

Date - Mid 1940s ?

Status - Contributed photo

Thanks to Michael Groves for the picture and the following information. Does anyone know of any other versions of this set?

"Just a bit of info regarding the Barker 88, the one I have that came from a car boot sale has a round speaker opening not a square one. Inside still had an even layer or dust all over. It all looks original and untouched, when I get time I'll have a closer look.

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